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Other Services

Preaching, Teaching, Training, Consulting

As partners in new church evangelism, KCPP is ready to come and share through preaching or teaching sessions on evangelism, church planting, church growth or outreach.  We would love to share with your group how they can be involved in new church work and expanding the Kingdom of God.


Ministry & Leadership Coaching

This program is designed to train coaches to assist preachers and Elders in existing Churches.  Our purpose is to help them in their journey to become stronger leaders.

Church Renewal

The Church Renewal Program is to assist struggling congregations into healthier and sustained season of spiritual growth.


Church Transition

The Transition program has been designed to assist congregations that are going through changes.  Our goal is to help them navigate uncharted waters.  This program is especially good for congregations struggling to find a preacher.

All of the above programs have been developed because of our experience of working with Kentucky Churches.  We saw an incredible need in these areas among many congregations.